"It is truly those who seek help that are the strongest. Belle Aurora congratulations you and Cliff LaMotta. I'm so very proud and excited for the two of you. There are no better, more compassionate individuals to help those who need it. I look forward to where this new journey in your lives will bring you. You both deserve it. The world will be a better place
because of it"

"I can confidently attest to Cliff's unique ability to connect with almost
anybody and his ability to help people find their way is very rare!!!"
"Cliff LaMotta, is absolutely wonderful. Has great interpersonal skills.
Best listener a person can ask"

"It is almost difficult to express the level of guidance, aid, and support
I have personally been blessed to have received from both Belle and Cliff
at Compass Counseling. Having experienced their quality of work separately
at different times of my life, I cannot say enough good things about them.
Between their empathy, active listening, and empowerment of whom they help,
they truly set the bar high for others within their field. The only bad
thing that could ever be said is questioning why you couldn't have met them
earlier in life "

"Cliff really is a kind soul and very effective with his approach to
problems. Cliff not only has the education and professional experience to
help others, he has lived it. I recommend him for anyone facing a life
struggle because he has experienced most of them. He has a calm demeanor
and practical, workable solutions to pursue at your own pace. And he gives
his all."

"One of the most inspiring, phenomenal women I know has set out on a huge
new adventure! Details are below, but please join me in congratulating my
dear, dear friend and source of daily inspiration to be a better person,
Aurora Belle and her awesome awesome colleague Cliff LaMotta in their new
practice! 😍 I can say honestly and truly there is no couch I would rather
lay on than one of yours! ❤️ All the best to you both!"

"....compassionate and skilled clinicians.."

"I would recommend Cliff to anyone who is looking for the support to make positive life changes" LA


Thank you SOOOOOO much! XXXX is really, really happy - he's had I think 3-4 bad ones and some nasty burns from some subpar court-appointed ppl, so it took a bit for him to trust trying again - I didn't wanna push him but we both saw that it was TIME and he's really, really optimistic! Just to have a source to vent to, as he can slowly get comfortable doing.

We are so grateful - you're fantastic...."

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